Things to know about AC repair (Dubai)

AC repair – a brief introduction

Before making any attempt to repair your air conditioning unit at home or in your office, there are certain things you need to know. If your AC system starts becoming faulty, there are great chances that you will try to fix it of your own without having any proper knowledge of it. It can be fatal and you would probably end up making it more problematic. However, if you get the basic knowledge about the fixation and learn about the fundamental concepts involved in it then is highly appreciated. You can not only fix the small problems with your AC of but can also examine the technicians who come to fix your unit in a better way.


Principles involved in the working of AC

If you are living in UAE, there are lots of AC repair Dubai companies that can help you in fixing the problems with your unit. However, you still need to have the basic knowledge about the principles involved in the working of your air conditioning system. The simple concepts of Physics are used in the working of the regular office or home ACs. There are 2 discrete units of an Air conditioner; they are as follows:

  • The condenser
  • The evaporator

There is the Freon gas in the unit of condenser. This gas is supposed to be put under high pressure. It is then passed through a portion where there is a heat exchanger. It helps to remove the heat from that gas and the gas becomes liquefied. This liquid is further processed which eventually gets converted into the gaseous form. Then it is cooled and the process continues.

Types of issues

The different types of issues that can arise in your AC unit are as follows:

  • The system does not run or fails to be turned on
  • The system does not carry out any cooling
  • The system carries out erratic and irregular cooling

All these issues can be fixed by having some basic knowledge about the concepts involved in the working of the AC and hiring some good AC repair (Dubai) service provider.



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